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#100—Outthinkers Reaches 100: Special Highlights Episode

#100—Outthinkers Reaches 100: Special Highlights Episode

Dear listeners, this week we celebrate our 100th episode. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and listenership, as we treat you to a compilation of some of our favorite insights over the past years. Below you'll find a highlights reel broken down into clips in four categories:

CLASSIC STRATEGY: Featuring Rita, McGrath, Richard Rumelt, John Hagel, and Mike Tushman who each share with us timeless ideas around strategy.

LEADERSHIP, CULTURE & WORKFORCE: Featuring Adam Bryant, Ajay Banga, Sally Susman, Johnny C. Taylor, Tiffani Bova, and Elizabeth Altman, who each share critical insights into leadership, our employees, and the quickly changing landscape of the workforce.

VALUE CREATION: Featuring Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Thales Teixeira, Pete Fader, and Mohan Subramaniam, who each share alternative and modern views around value creation.

INNOVATION, TECH & THE FUTURE: Featuring Alex Osterwalder, Rob Wolcott, Vivek Wadhwa, and Faith Popcorn who each share with us insightful ideas around innovation, upcoming trends in tech and society, and the future of business.


Episode Timeline:

00:34—Special Introduction to 100th Episode from Kaihan


2:57—Highlight from Rita McGrath: Strategic Planning Amidst Uncertainty

5:24—Highlight from Richard Rumelt: Finding the Crux of Your Strategy

7:01—Highlight from John Hagel: Why You Should "Zoom Out, Zoom In," and Scale From the Edge

9:01—Highlight from Mike Tushman: Why Ambidextrous Organizations Outperform Others


10:52—Highlight from Adam Bryant: Good vs. GREAT CEOs—500 Interviews Reveal What Makes the Difference

12:58—Highlight from Ajay Banga: Insights from a Former CEO with Ajay Banga of MasterCard

15:11—Highlight from Sally Susman: Insights from Pfizer's Chief Corporate Affairs Officer in Crafting Public Discourse

17:27—Highlight from Johnny C. Taylor: Trends You Need to Know About the Workforce

19:27—Highlight from Tiffani Bova: Elevating Your EX to Improve Your CX

21:01—Highlight from Elizabeth Altman: Rethinking the Definition of a Workforce in the Modern Era


23:24—Highlight from Felix Oberholzer-Gee: Applying a Value-Based Strategy to Drive Your Business

26:11—Highlight from Thales Teixeira: Decoupling the Customer Value Chain for Competitive Advantage

28:36—Highlight from Pete Fader: Becoming a Customer-Centric Business

30:49—Highlight from Mohan Subramaniam: The Future of Competitive Strategy and the Evolving Role of Data, Customers and Digital Ecosystems


33:46—Highlight from Alexander Osterwalder: How Investing in Culture Ecosystems Leads to Innovation

35:57—Highlight from Rob Wolcott: The Power of Proximity in your Strategy

38:31—Highlight from Vivek Wadhwa: Harnessing Tech for an Innovative Future

40:24—Highlight from Faith Popcorn: Predictions to Know From a Leading Futurist

42:34—Closing and Thank you

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