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#97—Tiffani Bova: Elevating Your EX to Improve Your CX

#97—Tiffani Bova: Elevating Your EX to Improve Your CX

What questions are addressed in this podcast?

  • What are aspects of Employee Experience (EX) that leaders often overlook with dire consequences on CX?

  • Who in an organization should own EX?

  • Are there tangible ways to measure EX vs. CX?

  • What is the ROI of developing a more thought-out employee experience?



Tiffani Bova is the global growth evangelist and business strategist at Salesforce, an author, and a keynote speaker. We were lucky enough to have Tiffani join us for a second time on this podcast, and in this episode, she brings us a new wealth of much-needed perspective. Where our last episode with Tiffani focused on the how to maximize your company’s Growth IQ—the 10 paths to growing your company—now we shift our focus to the internal movers of this growth—employees and the employee experience, also known as EX.

Tiffani’s career taught her that without the people who make the Customer Experience, you can only get so far in fulfilling your brand promise. In her newest book, The Experience Mindset, she dives into how to complement your CX by revamping your EX.

In this episode, she shares:

  • A re-definition of EX (though not a new concept), including what it is not

  • The specific, measurable impact EX can have on your future financial results

  • How management often not only neglects the Employee experience, but actually makes it worse by offloading customer stress onto employees

  • What kinds of metrics you can set around EX—which can often run parallel to and complement CX metrics


"Let me just say to you that that strategy one-pager in that vision and value statement and your tagline does not show up and solve a customer problem. It does not show up and sell something to a customer. It does not show up and design a product. People do that, not the strategy deck that gets you funding from your board." -Tiffani Bova


Action Items: If you'd like to put takeaways from this episode into action in your organization, we recommend starting here:

  • Each time you make a change or implement a new initiative, ask yourself "What is the intended or unintended consequence to my people, to our employees? Are we setting them up for success to deliver on this change we're making for customer in order to increase that promoter score or customer satisfaction?"

  • Develop a KPI for EX that correlates to and complements each CX KPI

  • Ask your employees one simple tangible question relating to frictions for each task or initiative in weekly check-ins: "How easy on a scale of 1-5 was it to execute on this task?"


Episode Timeline:

00:00—Highlight from today's episode

00:56—Introducing Tiffani + The topic of today’s episode

2:58—If you really know me, you know that...

3:31—What is your definition of strategy?

4:31—What prompted you to begin your research into the topic of Employee Experience (EX)?

7:05—What were some of the unexpected findings in your research that led you to writing your book?

11:21—What do you consider EX—the definition and items included within it—and what it is not?

12:27—Can you talk to us about the unintended consequences of offloading customer frictions onto employees?

17:21—The staggering statistics around the tech employed within organizations and their impact on EX

19:59—Why there is a vital need for a role accountable for EX

22:12—What are some tangible steps an organization can take to start owning the EX experience more consciously?

24:21—How can people follow you and connect with you to continue learning from you?


Additional Resources:

Personal page:

Newest book, The Experience Mindset,




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