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#95—Terence Mauri: Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty with Agility and Resilience

#95—Terence Mauri: Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty with Agility and Resilience

Terence Mauri is the founder of the management think thank Hack Future Lab, a bestselling author and a visiting Professor at IE Business School. Terence challenges leaders to pivot from ‘wait and see’ to ‘explore and disrupt’ in a world of complexity and uncertainty. Terence says: ’Building a bold and resilient future never happens by accident. To sustain vitality for the long-term, we must have an eye on the future while searching every day for the upside of disruption.’ His recent publications include co-authoring Thinkers50’s Certain Uncertainty: Leading with Agility and Resilience in an Unpredictable World’ and Building Resilient Organizations: Best practices, tools and insights to thrive in ever-changing contexts.

In this episode, he shares:

  • What “unlearning” is and why its so important

  • How excess bureaucracy and complexity are significant barriers for senior leaders to unlearn

  • Why we must prioritize context over control, embrace autonomy and accountability, and foster cultures of curiosity rather than conformity

  • Why companies should avoid the trap of overestimating the risk of trying something new while underestimating the risk of standing still


Episode Timeline:

00:00—Highlight from today's episode

00:55—Introducing Terence + The topic of today’s episode

2:24—If you really know me, you know that...

3:33—What is your definition of strategy?

4:33—Can you talk to us about your concept of unlearning?

6:59—What is the barrier that keeps organizations from implementing a culture of unlearning?

9:24—Could you explain your concept of "concept over control"?

11:18—What does a career ladder look like nowadays?

12:25—Could you talk to us about the risk of standing still?

14:14—Why do you believe we should we be planning from the future?

16:26—How does one do the third piece of activating the urgency within your organization?

18:03—How do you suggest companies move to a more decentralized org structure without the cognitive overload?

20:20—What do you think is something people should know as a closing thought?

21:01—How can people follow you and connect with you to continue learning from you?


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