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#1—Scott Anthony: Innovate by Overcoming Inertia

#1—Scott Anthony: Innovate by Overcoming Inertia

In this episode of The Outthinker Podcast, Kaihan welcomes Scott Anthony, Managing Partner at Innosight, a consulting firm founded by the late Clayton Christensen. Scott is the author of several books about business management and has been rated one of 2019’s top 10 management thinkers in the world.

Listen in as Scott highlights practical actions you can take right now to boost innovation in your organization and start shifting your company’s culture and behaviors to allow for the kind of innovation that your future depends on. Scott shares what his children have taught him about innovation and divulges his ‘Beans framework’, which can be leveraged to effectively break down barriers to innovation. He then shares his candid thoughts on ambidexterity and what it really takes to be an innovative thought leader in 2021 and beyond.


“One of the greatest enemies inside organizations is what I call the plague of the zombie project, the walking on dead, the projects that suck all the innovation life out of the organization… if you start saying cheers to failure, you put the zombies down, you create the energy, you create space to be more psychologically safe, and lots of good things happen.”

-Scott D. Anthony


Episode Timeline:

00:00 – Introducing Scott Anthony + The topic of today’s episode

01:25 – If you really know Scott, you know that…

02:32 – Scott’s definition of strategy

03:21 – What initially got you interested in strategy?

05:03 – Explaining the core concept of his book, Dual Transformation

07:00 – What Scott’s kids have taught him about innovation + How to shift company culture and behavior to drive innovation

10:27 – What’s something that you have changed your mind about?

12:17 – Discussing How Leaders Delude Themselves About Disruption

13:43 – What we’re learning about innovation + Why implement the Beans framework

15:45 – Practical steps you can take to boost innovation in your organization


Resources Mentioned:

Dual Transformation:

Article: How Leaders Delude Themselves About Disruption:

Eat, Sleep, Innovate:

Find more of Scott’s books:

Connect with Scott Anthony on LinkedIn:

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