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#39—Gary Hamel: Lessons on Keeping Your Business Strategy Competitive

#39—Gary Hamel: Lessons on Keeping Your Business Strategy Competitive

Gary Hamel is one of the world’s most influential and iconoclastic business thinkers. He has worked with leading companies across the globe and is a dynamic and sought-after management speaker. Hamel has been on the faculty of the London Business School for more than 30 years and is the director of the Management Lab.

Gary has written 20 articles for the Harvard Business Review and is the most reprinted author in the Review’s history. His landmark books have been translated into more than 25 languages. His most recent bestsellers are Humanocracy and The Future of Management. In these volumes, Hamel presents an impassioned plea for reinventing management and lays out a practical blueprint for building organizations that are “fit for the future.”

Fortune magazine describes Hamel as “the world’s leading expert on business strategy,” and the Financial Times calls him a “management innovator without peer.” Hamel has been ranked by The Wall Street Journal as the world’s most influential business thinker and is a fellow of the Strategic Management Society and of the World Economic Forum.

In his work, Gary has led transformational efforts in some of the world’s most notable companies and has helped to create billions of dollars in shareholder value. He is one of the world’s most sought-after management speakers on the topics of strategy, leadership, innovation and change.

In this podcast, he shares:

  • What “strategic intent” is and why your strategy setting should begin with it

  • How to address "leadership myopia" when you recognize it, and to make sure you don't develop it

  • What his research shows are the four sources of breakthrough strategic ideas

  • The source of the differentiating choices that will ultimately determine your competitive advantage


"You start with an aspiration and then you work backward from that. You know, innovation is born in the gap between aspiration high and resources."

-Gary Hamel


  • Episode Timeline:

    00:00—Introducing Gary + The topic of today’s episode

    2:40—If you really know me, you know that....

    3:10—What is your definition of strategy?

    4:49—What would you say you are most known for?

    6:31—Second well-known article, The Core Competence of the Corporation

    8:40—The concept of "Strategies Revolution," looking at strategy as an innovation problem, and letting go of strategic planning

    10:30—How do you know if you're spending enough time on core initiatives vs. new initiatives?

    14:25—How to address "leadership myopia" when you recognize it

    19:12—Should all strategists start with strategic intent, or where if not?

    20:58—Where do new game-changing strategies come from?

    24:37—If you want to be the next "unicorn" creating a process for developing a portfolio of strategic options is essential

    27:24—Learning to recognize patterns when developing strategic options

    29:58—The benefit of collaboration in making strategic decisions

    32:38—How can people connect and engage with you, and what are you working on next?


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