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#90—Marc Beckman: The New Era of Branding in the Metaverse, Web3 and the Digital Era

#90—Marc Beckman: The New Era of Branding in the Metaverse, Web3 and the Digital Era

Marc Beckman is the Co-Founder and CEO of DMA United, the award-winning advertising agency positioned at the center of style and design. His philosophy concentrates on building equity at the intersection of content and commerce. In fact, Marc has designed and implemented creative campaigns for countless individuals and corporations within DMA United’s polycultural platform, including venerable brands such as NBA, Pepsi, Sony, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Nelson Mandela, Gucci, and MoMA.

Marc embraces new technology and trends to augment marketing platforms and communications tactics. To date, he has leveraged blockchain technology to launch platforms for over sixty brands; and has created seven marketplaces in Web3 for clients. Mr. Beckman’s cross-sector blockchain approach includes programs in luxury, fashion, government, technology, academics, philanthropy, and beauty.

He is the author of The Comprehensive Guide: NFTs, Digital Artwork, Blockchain Technology. The book has received many accolades, including receiving best-seller status, and inclusion on JP Morgan’s Reading List.

Marc is New York University’s Metaverse Senior Fellow, an Adjunct Professor in Marketing, and Chairman of Stern’s Luxury & Fashion Council. Further, Marc is developing legal policy and best practices for Web3 and other emerging technologies as Co-Chair of the New York State Bar Association’s Web3 Task Force.

In this episode, he shares:

  • Real-world Insights from a marketing agency at the forefront of the digital revolution on how to leverage and pull your brand into the new digital era

  • The essential things you need to know about Web3, the metaverse and the digital space to take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by them

  • How to use the perception of value of digital assets to create new revenue streams without cannibalizing your legacy streams

  • The new opportunities to co-create with third parties in the digital space—or create a microverse of your own for your brand

  • What brands can do—and examples of what they are already doing—to revamp their brand loyalty programs with these new technologies


Episode Timeline:

00:00—Highlight from today's episode

01:09—Introducing Marc + The topic of today’s episode

3:20—If you really know me, you know that...

4:33—What is your definition of strategy?

5:43—You came into your role from a legal background—can you explain this pathway?

7:15—Can you give us a sense of what your agency does, and how technology is a fundamental role of this?

10:12—Could you define what the metaverse is for you and your agency?

12:16—Could you talk us through how these new opportunities offer the chance to revamp brand loyalty programs?

15:27—How do you believe the perception of digital assets varies from generation to generation?

18:58—Could you talk to us about Travis Scott and his revenue-generating digital concert?

20:52—Could you tell us about the difference between decentralized, on-chain/off-chain verticals?

22:29—Should companies be worrying about getting into these digital opportunities now, or are they already behind if they are not?

24:23—How can people follow you and connect with you?


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